Friday, August 28, 2009

just one of my many goals

this upcoming year a few friends and i have decided that perfectly manicured nails are the answer. and being a chic hipster with moderate income i decided the only way i could achieve this goal is by making my self into a manicurist extraordinaire. i bought a few things to help me along on this bizarre and frustrating journey.

revlon cuticle pusher, and insta-dri speed dry drops

nail polish remover

"Sheer Fun" Nail polish Nicole by O.P.I

"Top Coat Plus"- Nicole by O.P.I

ughh this one of those times when having a proper camera would make all the difference, sheer fun is my dream polish, creamy pink with an intense pinky/gold iridescence (:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Tim Mcgraw" by Taylor swift
neatly manicured nails
matching bras to panties
minimal makeup
friendly strangers

stuck up hipsters
bitchy friends
self doubt
feeling sick ): blahhhhh
school starting in less than two weeks

sometimes life just bes like that (:

sorry it took me a while to get this up.. BUT

the day i did that post about the boots i wanted i went to a thrift store (shocking i know) and found the EXACT SAME BOOTS! in my size! in black (eh) but they were 120$ less expencive sooooo SCORE.
16 bucks yo!


im doing something i haven't done since 6th grade. Im only wearing mascara. its oddly liberating

Friday, August 21, 2009

i won't feel blue like i always do.

J crew ruffle tank- $2.99/ Greece T- $.99/ Maroon V neck- $3.99
princeton sweater- $ 1.99/ plain grey- $1.99
authentic vintage Dooney&Bourke shoulder bag- $14.99

muted flannel- $2.99

OSCAR DE LA RENTA 100% cotton v neck sweater- $3.99

blue keds- $2.99

hooters tee- $.99

'tour de beach' tee- $.99

im pleased with my most recent thrift adventure, hope yall enjoy as well (:

click images for a better view

what to do?

as fall approaches i can't seem to get my mind off of buying that perfect pair of boots. im not looking for something overly trendy, i just want a classic leather boot that can stand up the the extreme winter weather i face each year, as well as being cute. something less ornate and pointy than a cowboy boot, but shorter and more durable than a riding boot feels both timeless and practical.
think frye boots without the painful price tag.

the contenders:



votes, feedback or suggestions?

Monday, August 17, 2009

oh boy!

I've been gone for a while and a half! I can't deny that im a little bit discouraged with blogging. but none the less im back with a renewed interest in making this blog the best i can (:

i have no worthwhile updates besides the fact that i have the late August blues.
): school is just around the corner

Monday, August 10, 2009

a bit of good luck (:

One of my older sisters is getting rid of a whole bunch of stuff she never uses, so naturally i got some hand-me-downs. Having been given hand-me-downs my whole life i was not expecting anything special but, mixed in with a whole bunch of garbage i found a makeup bag with some excellent surprises.
i am now the proud owner of a:

MAC224 SE (blending)
MAC316 SE (lip?)
MAC242 SE (concealer)
MAC129 SE (powder)

I got some everyday minerals eyeshadows as well, I'm not a huge fan of loose shadows but i will certainly be trying them out.

I'v been on a little vacation from the real world & the internet lately
and i must say it was lovely. I spent a bunch of time with one of my best friends, Lindsey. and we had too much fun, as we always do (:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

skin rant & CVS skincare haul

I'll start by saying that my skin frustrates me, a lot. Its oily in parts but had some dry patches, weeks will go by where I'll only have one or two little spots and then KABLAM! my skin will launch a full fledged attach on me thats not only unattractive but very uncomfortable. The past couple of weeks have been dreadfully bad, i blame it on the large amounts of traveling and unbalanced eating that come with summer.

I decided that simply washing my face more and hoping for the best would not do this time, so I've been combining these steps in with my daily skin care regimen. first i cut out milk from my diet, hard to do but I'm already impressed with the difference its made. Next i take a fish oil supplement, because i do not eat anything that lives in the water my body is lacking many minerals and Vietnams that support healthy skin and hair. lastly i've added a twice weekly, organic honey facial. Honey is a natural antibacterial so it kills the breakout causing bacteria and smells really nice. (:

i also needed a new moisturizer, spot treatment, face wash and scrub so heres what i got:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the world today...


days at the beach

saving up for things i really want


late nights

"soft" - Kings of Leon

re-reading harry potter for the 100000th time


having less than 1 remaining month of freedom

spending money on anything and everything.


early mornings

"Fire Burning" Sean Kingston

summer reading

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

top three thrift store finds of july

1) i found this embossed, 100% leather clutch in a thrift store I'd never been to before called "experienced goods" (its a bit cutsie, but i like the name) i bought it for $3.50 and use it both as a makeup bag, and sometimes as a little clutch. Money, my cellphone, lipstick, and keys all fit perfectly inside.

2) This nautical charm bracelet had become one of my all time favorite finds i think. it was $6.00, but i would have payed a lot more as i've been looking for a charm bracelet for years.

3) this is an authentic, leather, vintage Dooney & Bourke shoulder bag with an adjustable strap, that at its longest falls at my hip. it was $9.99 and I could not be more pleased with it (:

hope you all enjoyed this, if you want you can share some of your best thrift-y finds in the comments, i LOOVE to see what people discover. (:

also, im sorry about the crappy photo quality but its the best i can do for now /:


Monday, August 3, 2009

wish list I

this will be the first of many im guessing...

dreaming big:

a classic nissian figaro. im pretty sure these aren't sold in the us, but thats why the "dream big" section exists.
a canon powershot. I'm desperate to start recording my life and sharing it with all you (:

dreaming slightly smaller:

these boyfriend cut jeans for the upcoming school year.

MAC msf natural- i know im pretty much the last person in the world to buy one but i really want ittt.

MAC studio moisture tint spf 15, im so into a light, easy, natural face for the upcoming year, this seems like the perfect product to achieve that with

mac blush in pink swoon (not pictured) this is a bubble gum pink and I'm so excited to get my hands on it.


im so happy your reading this. for quite some time now i have wanted to start blogging.
this will be a beauteous blend of make up, fashion, thrifting, and real life.

for now all photos will most likely be taken on my photobooth, as i am without a proper camera. However, its on an ever growing wish list of mine so maybe one day... (:

xo, rosie

OH AND - good times will be had by all.