Wednesday, September 2, 2009

from roro with love-- II

i consider dry shampoo to be one of the most under rated beauty products. when your hair is oily, limp, unattractively shiny, or just kindof lifeless dry shampoo is the answer.

However if your budget has shrunk lately, as almost everyones has, i have a great solution. take a quick trip to the grocery store, and for under 5$ you can have your very own dry shampoo, and tons of it.

baby powder
corn starch

mixing bowl
storing container
spoon (optional)

combine in equal parts baby powder and cornstarch, stir, and store.

both act as oil-absorbent agents, while the baby powder neutralizes any odors your hair may have. i store my dry shampoo in an old bare minerals foundation holder that i cleaned up. i love the travel sized connivence. this is a MUST for traveling, comes in very handy at school- gym class /: , and durning the end of a work day.

xox rosie

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