Friday, August 28, 2009

just one of my many goals

this upcoming year a few friends and i have decided that perfectly manicured nails are the answer. and being a chic hipster with moderate income i decided the only way i could achieve this goal is by making my self into a manicurist extraordinaire. i bought a few things to help me along on this bizarre and frustrating journey.

revlon cuticle pusher, and insta-dri speed dry drops

nail polish remover

"Sheer Fun" Nail polish Nicole by O.P.I

"Top Coat Plus"- Nicole by O.P.I

ughh this one of those times when having a proper camera would make all the difference, sheer fun is my dream polish, creamy pink with an intense pinky/gold iridescence (:


  1. i love giving myself a manicure. its so much fun! :D i <3 pampering myself.

  2. soo true. one of the best way to relax (:

  3. Does the insta dry vanish actually speed up the drying time?

  4. i think so, i love it, it makes them touchable in about 35 seconds and in 3 min, or so they are completely dry. now if i could only find something to get rid of the smell.. =P