Thursday, August 6, 2009

skin rant & CVS skincare haul

I'll start by saying that my skin frustrates me, a lot. Its oily in parts but had some dry patches, weeks will go by where I'll only have one or two little spots and then KABLAM! my skin will launch a full fledged attach on me thats not only unattractive but very uncomfortable. The past couple of weeks have been dreadfully bad, i blame it on the large amounts of traveling and unbalanced eating that come with summer.

I decided that simply washing my face more and hoping for the best would not do this time, so I've been combining these steps in with my daily skin care regimen. first i cut out milk from my diet, hard to do but I'm already impressed with the difference its made. Next i take a fish oil supplement, because i do not eat anything that lives in the water my body is lacking many minerals and Vietnams that support healthy skin and hair. lastly i've added a twice weekly, organic honey facial. Honey is a natural antibacterial so it kills the breakout causing bacteria and smells really nice. (:

i also needed a new moisturizer, spot treatment, face wash and scrub so heres what i got:

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