Sunday, September 13, 2009

back to school haul

what i got:

-the colossal volume express mascara- 7.78$

-Dover 'powder' deodorant (hahah why did i put this in here?)- 3.19$

-clinique 3 step face wash in # 2- 19.99$

-body shop 'matte it' face primer - 14.00$

i have settled on the colossal as my favorite mascara from a drugstore, ever. if you're in the market for a mascara i highly suggest you try this out. I've been using the clinique for the past two days and im honestly loving it. As for the face primer. eh well im on the fence. it feels nice and hasn't broke me out yet but it doesn't seem to react well with my mac concealers /: i'm going to play with it more and see how it works out

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