Wednesday, September 9, 2009

hedgehogs; why can't they just share the hedge?

my best friends**
Can't Let Go- Landon Pigg
MAC msf natural
describing things as 'dynamite'
tucking in shirts
colossal volume express mascara

revlon colorstay
faux uggs (uggs are bad enough but really?)
neon plad
feeling bloated

some really truly sad things have been happening all around me lately, the least of which being returning to school and work. I've been exhausted and uninspired, down-trodden and overwhelmed. what do you do to get out of funky moods?

**yes, we're tea addicts


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment girlie! I am sorry you have been feeling down. When I am stressed, mad or upset I like to go really makes me feel better. Anything that produces endorphins really gives you a great feeling afterwards... It might be hard or exhausting at the start, but when you gradually work your way up it really helps me at least.

  2. im like startstruck right now haah,
    but i defenitly will try running. i forgot how much that relieves my mind. (: thank you soo much