Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'll admit...

I'm a slightly 'emotional' shopper. not to say i get emotionally invested with my clothing choices, rather that i use shopping as a pick me up. In general, i use any kind of change, be it wardrobe, fitness, or intellectual as a catapult my of bad times. This method has been known to offer mixed results. anyone can get caught up in the initial rush when something has changed, the new possibilities, the new worlds that open up, and the new things one small change could lead to... but then reality sinks in, we're left with one lingering question: was it worth it?

Sure that expensive make up excited you, and those new clothes are undeniably cute, and nothing had been as thrilling as the nose or belly button piercing. but once the initial adrenaline is gone, and the power and strength you felt while making said changes fade away, will you feel disappointed, foolish, and even more powerless than when you started? or will you look around at whatever you've done and see that its what you wanted after all, and be thankful you felt free not to over think things for once.

this is a long, bazaar and kind of intense preamble to what i bought at forever 21.
yay shopping! hahah soooo here we go!

p.s. im hoping for the latter result (: but you never know...
p.p.s i ordered it tonight, i doubt it'll get here anytime in the next two weeks.

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