Saturday, November 7, 2009

crunchy leaves

to me, november is all about comfort and never ending effort to be as cozy as possible.

this past week, i enjoyed:

celestial seasons green tea with honey, lemon and ginseng. a great dairy free option for when im on earl grey overload. green tea has skin and health benefits as well.

slftlips- vanilla. even better than my nevia kiss of moisture

my hot water bottle- i got this at whole foods last feb. i've been sleeping with this on my toes every night for 2 weeks (:

naked by david sedaris, this book is so clever and hilarious. i honestly didn't complete a single chapter without an outburst of giggles.

90's floppy stoner/smurf hat- this is from my F21 order and i could not be more pleased. its so hipster chic.

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