Sunday, November 8, 2009

just a review...

OF THE BEST PRODUCT OF ALL TIME!! haha not really, juss joshing, but i have been quite smitten with this Aveeno exfoliator called the skin brightening daily scrub.

and heres why:
lovely, delicious, fresh 'n clean
super effective mini beads
9$- not exactly a bargain but decent
the company:
makes high quality, less chemically harmful products
suggested by:
a highly intelligent Esthetician who seemed to really understand my skin and its many woes. she gave a a hell of a facial
my skin then:
bumpy, rough, HUGEEEEE PAINFUL black heads, breakout.
my skin now:
soft to the touch, smaller black heads, brighter more even tone, fewer breakouts.
5oz. or 140g either way it aint bad.

xo rose <3

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