Saturday, January 16, 2010

how bazaar how bazaar

where do you get your ultimate style inspiration? where or on whom to do you spot something and think 'i must find a way to do this myself ' personally i have 4 main sources.they start with my lovely older sister.

1) she is an inspiration to me in so many ways
but she is also one of the most fun and elegant dressers i have ever known. love you foof.
(shes on the left, im on the right haha)

2) next would have to be harper's bazaar, there is no better fashion magazine. i've never got through a whole one without being inspired or learning something new and valuable about fashion. they also have sections devoted beautiful houses, another love of mine.

3) Im inspired by street-style for so many reason. i love the voice it gives to a region or country and the way it shows fashionable individuals mixing high fashion into their own personal style.
my all time favorite is this one out of Copenhagen. the BLOGS for boston do a dreadful job representing the classy and eclectic styles of my city so i won't even bother linking to that. ):

4) blogs of course!!!! these three in particular really get me excited about cloths and style and everything! afterDRK This chick's got style and of course Lions, tigers & fashion oh my! these women know how to DRESS! i strongly encourage checking out these blogs.

besides these 4 things, i'm inspired by EVERYTHING i see, my friends my town and my life. (:

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