Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I'v been using my MSF natural more and more and loving it except for the color is a little too dark and i was starting to feel orange all the time so i broke down and repurchased, a shade lighter, in 'light'. my old one won't go to waste however as i plan to use it all summer. (:

i also splurged and got 'all that glitters' as I've wanted it for months. i fell like the simple, clean and classic possibilities with this shadow are pretty much endless so as of now im writing it off as a worth while purchase.


  1. I so want both of these products!
    Im planning on getting the MSF in light/medium, I take it thats the one you purhcased? Do you know which MAC foundation shade you are? Like a NC15 or 20 or something?
    Reply if you can!! x

  2. im so blogger-illiterate so i hope you get this :D

    im an NC20 and for the summer i have light/medium and it works well but for the normal months i have light, i suggest you try these, its such good quality and i find it lasts a very long time! hope this helped

    p.s. thanks for the comments they mean the world to me haha<3