Sunday, April 25, 2010

5 product face!

like most people when the weather gets nice, i tend to wear a lot less makeup. now that i have my skin mostly under control (hope i don't jinx it) I've switched to a lovely tinted moisturizer by Kiss My Face, in the shade Beach. this is very light a thin with some light coverage. i like how it stays put, with very little transfer onto clothes, hands, ect. (9.99$ for 1.4 0z.)

for eyes I've either been dusting my entire eye lid with a very light sandy gold shadow using my MAC 224SE or smudging some of this Milani LIQUIF'EYE eye liner in brown(4.59$), into my lash line which is more subtle that my usual liquid black liner, faster and easier to apply, and helps the blue of my eyes to stand out as well. to top it all off i use L'oreal Voluminous mascara(6.89$) because i like the look of it, how it doesn't flake, and how when i remove it, it ALL comes off.

i hate lipgloss, in my experience it is usually sticky, drying and tastes foul. but i did quite a lot of research and found these L'oreal HIP jelly balms (9$) and I'm happy with my purchase in the color 'Plush'. its not too sticky, definitely not drying and has the lightest scent of any drugstore lip product i've ever tired. It is barely pigmented on the lip but i really enjoy tinted products for spring.

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