Wednesday, May 5, 2010

earlier this year i got cystic acne. what a nightmare. bumpy, painful, impossible to hide, i was totally discouraged. now, with some help from my doctor, i have it all cleared up, and although i fear jinxing my new found clear skin, i realized the other day how lucky i was to be able to hold all the makeup i need for a day in my two hands, and feel more confident than ever. pretty empowering.

today i wore:
MAC minerialize skin finish natural- light medium
MAC studio finish concealer- NC 20
MAC blush in Well dressed
L'oreal voluminous mascara
L'oreal lineur intense liquid liner
Covergirl tru shine lipstick in shade 400


  1. ive wanted MAC MSF in Light/Medium for ages!! I've had it colour matched and everything!! I think now that it's winter I'll definitely purchase it :)

    Glad your skin has cleared up! I'm working on mine!

  2. Are the MAC products really as good as everyone says?

    And how expensive is it?

  3. as far as concealer goes, yes, it is wroth it and then some!! i never knew how good a concealer could work until i tried it, then again skin type and body chemistry will play a huge role in how well it will work. and i think it is somewhere between 14-16$
    the MSF is 25 and i think it works nicely, however i think that there are many more affordable options and this is not the absolute best like everyone would have you believe. when i use mine up i will be trying some drugstore items
    as for the blush, flat out, nom its not really worth it. haha its nice but no where near 18$ worth of nice. L'oreal true match blush is more pigmented and about 8 bucks cheaper, and you can occasionally find it on buy one get one sales.

    wow that was long! hope it helped and i hope i didn't put you to sleep with this small novel haha