Tuesday, May 25, 2010

real poo for my sham friends

I've been excited over the idea of dry shampoo for a while now. i have very thick, naturally straight hair and it gets shiny and oily looking quickly, it also dries out easily. if i shower too much my normally impeccably behaved hair becomes unruly straw. i was so excited when i noticed these two products at the drug store. i bought the Tresemme Fresh start dry shampoo(TFT for short), and the Salon Grafix (SG) invisible dry shampoo. heres a little compare and contrast list

TFS- $5
SG- $9

TFS-5.7 oz.
SG- 4 oz.

TFS- fresh, light and citrusy
SG- strong, floral, powdery

FTS-natural, just washed look and feel
SG- thickening and heavy, hair still shiny but added volume

to me, there is no doubt that the tresemme fresh start is the clear winner, i love it and highly suggest it! i can see this coming with me everywhere everyday this summer

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  1. I love dry shampoos! Such a lifesaver at times! xx