Thursday, June 17, 2010

almost there!

today i received some rings i ordered off of ebay a million years ago! i was so excited, they fit really well and cost only 1.26$ with 5$ shipping, which i would have payed for just the lion head (my favorite) but the Buddha head is a nice little bonus i guess. i would say they were a really good deal despite having to wait forever. ebay is really fun for me in an extremely nerdy way, it gets me really nervous, but winning is kinda a rush!
i bought some nail polish today in the shade "i pink i can" which seems like the perfect summer shade. i also got the NYC blushable creme sticks because so many people rave about the benefits of cream blushes in the summer. they are ridiculously pigmented to the point where they're almost hard to work with but i think i'll find a way to make them work.

finals status : 2 down 2 to go.

one day i'll be on a beach in greece

this t-shirt must me a factory reject as it is possibly the funniest shaped article of clothing that i own, it has a high neck, its very wide, its on the short side, and has very long sleeves, soooo unflattering. having said that i've been obsessed with Greece since the 5th grade when we studied mythology, and so this shirt is one of my favorite thrift store finds, possibly ever.

vintage bag- goodwill 7$
shirt- thrift 2$
skirt- urban- 10$
glasses- thrift 3$
sandles- fashion bug 15$ (hahahah yes i've shopped at fashion bug)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

today, im a bad ass.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

review: body shop kabuki

OH MY LORD, DO I LOVE THIS BRUSH! its like i never knew what my face products were capable of until i used it, if that makes any sense.

the way this brush applies MSF, blot powder and bare minerals foundation and tinted moisturizer is truly incredible.its soft on the skin and makes for a flawless face, never cakey or overly powdered.

i have to say that this is the first thing i've bought from the body shop that hasn't disappointed me and i think thats because i didn't let any of the pesky sales assistants push me into anything stupid, i knew what i wanted and i went for it. the brush is 26$, which is a substantial investment but its not too bad compared to the price of a MAC kabuki which is over 50$ if memory serves.


i got my rings back after a 2 weeks without a single one of my old faithfuls. i feel more like myself now that i have them back. its funny how the absence of a couple of bands of metal is all it takes to make me feel naked and not myself.

i hate finals

i hate finals, i hate finals, i hate finals, i hate finals, i hate finals, i hate finals, i hate finals, i hate finals.

love, roro

Sunday, June 13, 2010

during the summer, my 'style' (hah if you can call it that) could be summarized as slobchic. for the most part if the weather is above 80, it kills my brain, and any desire to look nice. f i wear jean shorts, large white tank tops and then keds or sandals, simple as can be.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

can't stop won't stop

i tell my self to stop spending money and yet i keep buying so much stuff. oh well, i might as well enjoy it.

gapbody floral lace bra
MAC blot powder- light
essie "bermuda shorts"
body shop kabuki
top shop bird cage necklace, a gift.

day to day

im taking advantage of the recent cool weather and wearing jeans, im sure this will be one of the last times for a while. wearing long tank tops give me horrible 7th grade flash backs, but its sort of necessary with this american apparel sweater which can ride up quite a bit. this is an entirely thrifted outfit!

Friday, June 11, 2010

new dress

this dress was a present from my ultimate fashion-inspiration, and older sister. she picked up during her recent trip to england. its from new look i think.

it comes with some simple, removable straps, and i added this belt because its a bit too big, but its far more comfortable and attractive to work with a piece of clothing that is too big than too small. this dress will get a lot of use this summer, i can tell. im feeling the abstract print, it sort of reminds me of leaves.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i don't wanna wait

CVS had one of their 50-75% off sales today on certain items and so i picked up this Sally Hansen lipstick, originally 7.99 but i got it for 2 something. not a bad deal.

The shade is called Plum Rose 1030-25 Rose prune, and as soon as i put it on i felt like a 90's smoothie, made up of three parts Joey Potter, one part Monica Geller, and a splash of Keri Russell from Felicity . this is due, mostly to the strong brown undertone of the lipstick.

Having said that, im actually an embarrassingly enthusiastic fan of 90's television, and i feel like i will come back to this color more in the fall and see what i can do with it. This lipstick is pretty nice, is moisturizing and lasts an average amount of time. swatch and pictures below: