Thursday, June 17, 2010

almost there!

today i received some rings i ordered off of ebay a million years ago! i was so excited, they fit really well and cost only 1.26$ with 5$ shipping, which i would have payed for just the lion head (my favorite) but the Buddha head is a nice little bonus i guess. i would say they were a really good deal despite having to wait forever. ebay is really fun for me in an extremely nerdy way, it gets me really nervous, but winning is kinda a rush!
i bought some nail polish today in the shade "i pink i can" which seems like the perfect summer shade. i also got the NYC blushable creme sticks because so many people rave about the benefits of cream blushes in the summer. they are ridiculously pigmented to the point where they're almost hard to work with but i think i'll find a way to make them work.

finals status : 2 down 2 to go.


  1. Love the goodies! and the nyc cream sticks look great!

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