Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i don't wanna wait

CVS had one of their 50-75% off sales today on certain items and so i picked up this Sally Hansen lipstick, originally 7.99 but i got it for 2 something. not a bad deal.

The shade is called Plum Rose 1030-25 Rose prune, and as soon as i put it on i felt like a 90's smoothie, made up of three parts Joey Potter, one part Monica Geller, and a splash of Keri Russell from Felicity . this is due, mostly to the strong brown undertone of the lipstick.

Having said that, im actually an embarrassingly enthusiastic fan of 90's television, and i feel like i will come back to this color more in the fall and see what i can do with it. This lipstick is pretty nice, is moisturizing and lasts an average amount of time. swatch and pictures below:

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