Wednesday, July 21, 2010

just call me minimal morris.

im not sure if the saying "negative nancy" is used world wide, or if its just an American thing, but for the last two years i've been modifying it and making alliterations for almost every situation i find myself in. it confuses people in conversation but is oh so fun.

i guess this is a FOTD post, so here goes.

kiss my face tinted moisturizer
maybelline mineral power concealer
l'oreal true match blush
l'oreal volumious mascara
l'oreal hip jelly balm
barry m dazzle dust
body shop kabuki

can't wait to replace most of these with natural alternatives. clean livin' here i come.
so its 3:30 in the morning and I've set a goal. its going to be expensive, cause disruptions in my daily life, and sometimes feel like more work than its worth. sounds fun right?

i am determined to be paraben-free by fall. this means i will be starting from the ground up. im excited. i want to treat my body correctly. people focus on eating right and working out (which is obviously very important) without realizing that they are loading toxic chemicals into their bodies. im done putting my health at risk for vanity's sake. it will undoubtedly be painful to part with some of my much loved beauty items. im scared to check out the world of natural hair care.

i've compiled a huge list of all the products i will need to find replacements for. my feeling is i may become even more of a minimalist with makeup due to the cost of parben free cosmetics.

not matter the outcome, im just a girl who thrives on working towards something at all times. goals like these are a fun challenge for me.

also my amazing friend vika sent me this song today. can't get enough of it! new fucking summer jam right thur.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bog blog

today im dressed in clothes from the back seat of my best friend, Lindsey's car.
to the untrained eye it might look like a slightly chaotic mess, to me however, its the equivalent of a thrift store, one where everything is trendy and my size.

but honestly who cares what you're wearing when you're having this much fun?

Monday, July 19, 2010

glorious fools

this was an extra large men's shirt and i cut extra large arm holes and then cut it up the back and took it in. that created a cool racer back effect, completely to my surprise. its one of those cheesey italian pride shirts but i love to rep my heritage whenever i get a chance haha (: the bottom half of this outfit is my summer uniform. shortshorts and white canvas sneaks. you really can't go wrong. it enhances the look of a tan and you have more freedom to move around and explore than if you were to wear flip flops.

i was in search of a place to go swimming today and wore my swimsuit for a majority of the day in the hopes we'd find some new place. ended up just getting some sun on the lawn with my best friend and my big sister. so much fun!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

thistle & weeds

when i found this weird silk skirt at the thrift store, it came down to my ankles and was so big up top that it rested very low on my hips. but i had a clear dream for it, experience has taught me that there is very little scissors and a belt can't fix. the pattern is comprised of pink cranes, green geometric-looking leaves, and small orange and blue diamonds. its rather unique.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

how daring

im playing with a new method of taking pictures, involving an actual tripod. i think i like it, although i found my pile of dictionaries and thesauruses with a compact mirror on top rather charming, it is nice to get all the aspects of an outfit into one image.

the ultimate accessory for 90+ degree weather? a bottle of water

Friday, July 16, 2010


Lo Bosworth from 'The Hills' has a blog! im not a huge fan of either her or her show, but a i AM a fan of a well written blog that covers an extensive range of topics, and "The Lo down" does just that.


what i wore today for errands and such.
movie tonight!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'll be up up & away

my friend recently gave me this shirt. its a color scheme, print, and fit that i wouldn't usually go for but i think thats what i like about it.

for the most part, i've sworn off tops that have this type of band at the bottom, i think its overused, unflattering and makes an outfit look cheap. but rules, especially surrounding style, are made to be broken. I used to think rich earth tones such as these would look odd on my freakishly pale skin. but im kinda digging it, especially with my tan.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


2 hours well spent! I also found this really cool bandana with a weird centipede design on it under my bed. small rooms just feel so much smaller when they're messy.

p.s. just realized that my eyes are closed in both of these pictures. how odd.

gross, i know

do you ever get the urge to do something you hate? i do, all the time. i sometimes crave coffee, even though it makes me sick. somedays i really want shrimp, even though i hate seafood. i constantly wish to be the type of person who throws on running shoes and goes for a run, despite the fact that the idea of exercising in public makes me a little nauseous.

Todays bizarre need is to to clean out the ancient litter from under my bed. my room was already a disaster. but this seemed like it really had to be done.

lesson learned? never come back from three weeks away and wait to unpack. baaaad idea! hahah

oh and happy summer bloggers! i hope everyone is enjoying it as much as i am.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


was a slow day, but a very nice one.

i got an iphone. im still not believing it. im so scared and intimidated to have something this nice. (: my case is pretty much indestructible, and as a little bonus, really reminds me of a storm trooper!

i made dinner. im learing more and more about cooking and im loving it. plus i love using vibrant colored foods, and that gives me many photo opportunities. for more, check out my flickr!
when the weather is unbearably hot, i dream of the months when it looks like this outside.
and i know that soon enough i will be longing for the days when i can wear shorts, but at this point a snowstorm sounds just about right.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

and more thrifting

flowery romper-2.50$

wind breaker-4$

striped cardigan- 3$

shark t- 2$
jazzercise tank- 2$
dare tank- 2$
"hey mon" mesh tank- 3.50$

new shoes

i was away for two weeks and did quite bit of shopping, at thrift stores mainly. im slightly ashamed to say but im getting extremely excited fall, my favorite season. Summer is great but fall temperatures and color schemes really work much more in my favor. anyways because of my growing excitement for fall i bought these two pairs of shoes.

Goodwill Bass boat shoes/loafers- 5$

Salvation Army grannie boots-2.50$

i will be wearing these with pants im sure, but the weather is over 100 degrees fahrenheit today and i couldn't think of trying to put on skinny jeans, even for a minute.