Wednesday, July 14, 2010

gross, i know

do you ever get the urge to do something you hate? i do, all the time. i sometimes crave coffee, even though it makes me sick. somedays i really want shrimp, even though i hate seafood. i constantly wish to be the type of person who throws on running shoes and goes for a run, despite the fact that the idea of exercising in public makes me a little nauseous.

Todays bizarre need is to to clean out the ancient litter from under my bed. my room was already a disaster. but this seemed like it really had to be done.

lesson learned? never come back from three weeks away and wait to unpack. baaaad idea! hahah

oh and happy summer bloggers! i hope everyone is enjoying it as much as i am.


  1. Heyy Cute Blog :D

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  2. lol thats what my room looked like last week!
    It took forever to clean up but looks a million times better now :)