Wednesday, July 21, 2010

just call me minimal morris.

im not sure if the saying "negative nancy" is used world wide, or if its just an American thing, but for the last two years i've been modifying it and making alliterations for almost every situation i find myself in. it confuses people in conversation but is oh so fun.

i guess this is a FOTD post, so here goes.

kiss my face tinted moisturizer
maybelline mineral power concealer
l'oreal true match blush
l'oreal volumious mascara
l'oreal hip jelly balm
barry m dazzle dust
body shop kabuki

can't wait to replace most of these with natural alternatives. clean livin' here i come.


  1. Your hair's great (:
    And I love alliteration, it always works!

  2. I love that concealer - and that tinted lip balm really suits you :)

  3. Woooow i am picking some of these products!
    But I'm away for travels so right now I can't be bothered with doing my makeup!
    The sun eats it too soon ♥

  4. What's the jelly balm like, any good? Hahah I love all the nail varnish you have (in another post)! I'm into bright colours at the moment, I've found some great ones from Armani and Chanel :-)