Wednesday, July 21, 2010

so its 3:30 in the morning and I've set a goal. its going to be expensive, cause disruptions in my daily life, and sometimes feel like more work than its worth. sounds fun right?

i am determined to be paraben-free by fall. this means i will be starting from the ground up. im excited. i want to treat my body correctly. people focus on eating right and working out (which is obviously very important) without realizing that they are loading toxic chemicals into their bodies. im done putting my health at risk for vanity's sake. it will undoubtedly be painful to part with some of my much loved beauty items. im scared to check out the world of natural hair care.

i've compiled a huge list of all the products i will need to find replacements for. my feeling is i may become even more of a minimalist with makeup due to the cost of parben free cosmetics.

not matter the outcome, im just a girl who thrives on working towards something at all times. goals like these are a fun challenge for me.

also my amazing friend vika sent me this song today. can't get enough of it! new fucking summer jam right thur.


  1. Good luck :) xx

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  3. dying to try out the hip jelly balms
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