Wednesday, August 11, 2010

dirtiest hippy on the commune pageant

man i wish that was a real contest. the act of having a beauty/fashion/living and loving life blog seems to contradict my strong desire to be a dirty, farming, no make up wearing, pick up truck-driving, organic vegetable eating, living in a yurt, guitar-strumming, yoga-doing, kombucha-drinking hippy. people like that were my idols, my role models and my teachers growing up, maybe one day i will get to try it out.

ANYWAYS, my friends and i are doing a seaside vacation pt.2 in a couple of weeks and we're planning a HCNO, or hippy chick night out, similar to a GNO, girls night out, but themed and more hilarious. this is what i will be wearing.

the dress was a gift from my amazing friend Mara, and the shoes are from Urban Outfitters, gold hoops: target.

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  1. thank you so much for the comments! xo

    I love this dress. rusty orange is beautiful.
    and I am soo with you on the hippie thing.
    I feel like so many people these days like to be "faux-hippies" like they ACT all peace and love but don't practice what they preach. they like the stereotype rather than the true meaning, do you know what I mean? In my family, I'm a vegetarian and have strong feelings for Animal Rights so my family automatically calls me a hippie. haha WRONG. but I would love to be a gypsy, gypsies are awesome ;) <3