Saturday, August 7, 2010

don't mess with texas.

im not a big fan of t-shirts. don't get me wrong some people can rock them, but being a curvier and more busty girl than most i find the average t-shirt terribly unflattering. this is roughly the process i go through when altering a shirt.
1.find a a shirt with an appealing design/color
2. make the first basic cuts.

3. put on the shirt and make the rest of the cuts (this is the only time i actually wear the shirt while cutting), this is the step where i make decisions about things such as strap thickness, what time of neckline and how low cut to make it.

tank tops such as these may not create a very polished look but they are comfortable, affordable, and unique.


  1. What a drastic improvement, your beautiful curves were hidden before! You've put me in the mood for customising! xx

  2. T-Shirt alterations are the best, there are so many fabulous ones, and so many ways of wearing them when you're finished... im inspired.

  3. I love this so much. Thankyou <3 xx