Friday, November 12, 2010

lovers loners and losers

i went to H&M yesterday and bought some jeans and this crazy bra. its neon and lace and so fun. although 80% of my clothes are grey, tan or black, i have a serious soft spot for neon pink. i would never wear a whole neon shirt or anything but when a little bit peeks out, like this bra, or for nail polish, i think i looks really nice.
super dark wash jeans.
on an unrelated note, the gold color in the 'shocked' HIP duo is one of my favorite colors. i dust it onto the lid with a fluffy brush and then put a tiny bit of a cool matte brown shadow for the crease. its very light but flattering.

im hoping it will only be a few more days until i get my camera charger. I've missed blogging properly so much. hope you don't mind these photobooth pictures too much. <3

1 comment:

  1. nawwww the photos are fine don't fret about your camera too much :)
    But yeas I agree with the whole 'little bit peaking out' idea..sometimes less equals more, especially as it contrasts so nicely with darker colours!

    And dear you have an amazing lip shape!

    P.s I have a new post, too (: